cTrader Chart Patterns Alerts

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Enhance your trading precision with this advanced cTrader indicator that detects and highlights key chart patterns. Seamlessly designed to elevate your trading strategy, this indicator identifies patterns such as Double Tops, Double Bottoms, Head and Shoulders, and more. With automated pattern swing plotting, neckline and target line visualization, and customizable color-coding, you gain unparalleled insights into bullish, bearish, and neutral patterns. Stay informed through customizable alerts via Sound, Pop-up, Telegram, and Email. The included pattern list with occurrence count provides an easy reference guide. Tailor your trading experience by adjusting the zoom level to focus on specific pattern sizes. Maximize your trading potential with this intuitive tool that empowers you to make informed decisions.

List of Chart Patterns detected:

  1. Double Top
  2. Double Bottom
  3. Head and Shoulders
  4. Inverse Head and Shoulders
  5. Symmetrical Triangle
  6. Ascending Triangle
  7. Descending Triangle
  8. Bullish Flag
  9. Bearish Flag
  10. Rising Wedge
  11. Falling Wedge

Here you can see how a Double Top pattern will look on your chart:


  1. Automatic detection of chart patterns.
  2. Automated pattern swing plotting on the chart.
  3. Visualization of neckline and target lines.
  4. Customizable color coding for bullish, bearish, and neutral patterns.
  5. Alert options: Sound, Pop-up, Telegram, Email.
  6. Pause alerts feature for focused analysis.
  7. Pattern list display with abbreviation and occurrence count.
  8. Adjustable zoom feature to emphasize specific pattern sizes.
  9. Clear indication of symbol and timeframe for each alert.
  10. Presentation of potential profit size for each detected pattern.
  11. User-comment inclusion for strategy or pattern-specific notes.

Elevate your trading experience with this comprehensive indicator, strategically designed to identify, visualize, and alert you about a wide range of chart patterns.

Here you can learn how to configure the Telegram and Email alerts:



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Receive a cTrader (calgo file) that automatically detects chart patterns on your trading chart.

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cTrader Chart Patterns Alerts

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