cTrader Candlestick Patterns Alerts

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Introducing the Candlestick Patterns Alerts for cTrader: A powerful and user-friendly indicator designed to assist traders in identifying key candlestick patterns in real-time. This indicator automates the process of recognizing 34 different candlestick patterns, ranging from doji patterns to engulfing patterns, hammer patterns, star patterns, soldiers and crows patterns, marubozu patterns, inside and outside patterns, harami patterns, tweezer patterns, spinning top, rising and falling methods patterns, window patterns, and neck patterns.

With five adjustable levels of pattern detection tolerance, ranging from strict to lenient, traders can customize the indicator to suit their individual preferences and trading strategies. The trend detection feature allows users to consider or disregard the market trend when identifying patterns, providing valuable insights for trend-based trading approaches.

To enhance visual clarity, this indicator offers three color options, allowing users to assign distinct colors for bullish, bearish, and neutral patterns. Additionally, the option to use abbreviated pattern names improves chart visibility, ensuring a seamless trading experience.

For easy reference and analysis, the indicator provides an on-chart list of pattern abbreviations, conveniently displaying the currently detected patterns. Traders can effortlessly position this list anywhere on the chart for quick access.

Never miss a potential trading opportunity with the comprehensive alert system included in this indicator. Users can enable alerts for pattern formations, with options for sound alerts, pop-up notifications, Telegram messages, and email notifications. Moreover, the "Stop all alerts" feature allows users to temporarily disable all alerts with a single click, offering flexibility and control.

Here is a list of the features of this indicator:

  1. Real-time candlestick pattern detection for 34 different patterns.
  2. Adjustable pattern detection tolerance with five levels of strictness.
  3. Automatic trend detection with the option to consider or disregard trends.
  4. Customizable colors for bullish, bearish, and neutral patterns.
  5. Option to use abbreviated pattern names for improved chart visibility.
  6. On-chart list of pattern abbreviations for quick reference and analysis.
  7. Alerts for pattern formations with sound, pop-up, Telegram, and email notifications.
  8. "Stop all alerts" feature to enable or disable all alert types with a single parameter.

And here is a list of all the patterns this indicator can detect:

  1. Four-Price Doji
  2. Standard Doji
  3. Long-Legged Doji
  4. Dragonfly Doji
  5. Gravestone Doji
  6. Hammer
  7. Shooting Star
  8. Inverted Hammer
  9. Hanging Man
  10. Piercing Pattern
  11. Dark Cloud Cover
  12. Bullish Engulfing
  13. Bearish Engulfing
  14. Morning Star
  15. Evening Star
  16. Three White Soldiers
  17. Three Black Crows
  18. White Marubozu
  19. Black Marubozu
  20. Three inside Up
  21. Three inside Down
  22. Three outside Up
  23. Three outside Down
  24. Bullish Harami
  25. Bearish Harami
  26. Tweezer Top
  27. Tweezer Bottom
  28. Spinning Top
  29. Rising Three Methods
  30. Falling Three Methods
  31. Rising Window
  32. Falling Window
  33. Bullish on Neck
  34. Bearish on Neck

If you don't know much about candlestick patters, you can start with these links:

In summary, the Candlestick Pattern Detector for cTrader is a reliable and customizable tool that simplifies pattern recognition in real-time. It empowers traders of all levels to make informed trading decisions by automatically detecting a wide range of candlestick patterns, providing customizable filtering options, trend consideration, visual clarity, and robust alert capabilities. Maximize your trading potential and gain a competitive edge with this indispensable indicator.

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An indicator for cTrader that automatically detects and alerts about candlestick patterns

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cTrader Candlestick Patterns Alerts

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