cTrader Unlimited Trendline Alerts (Trading Indicator)

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cTrader Unlimited Trendline Alerts is a trading indicator for the cTrader platform. It allows traders to receive alerts through sound notifications, pop-up notifications, email and Telegram notifications. This versatile tool works with as many trendlines as a trader wants and has several customizable parameters to help traders set the alerts to their specific needs.


  • New feature added. Now you can add a comment on the trendline and that will show up in the alert.


  • Added support for Horizontal and Vertical lines, and just like the trendlines, it works with as many lines as you want and you can add comments to these lines.
  • You can Enable/Disable the alerts for Horizontal and Vertical lines.
  • Now there is an option to stop ALL alerts. This is useful when you want to configure the indicator and not receive an alert every time you change a setting.
  • Now this indicator will tell you if the candle crossed below, above or just touched a line, and it will even work whit gaps.
  • The alerts will now tell you the time frame of the chart it came from.
  • The name of the indicator was changed to "VegaXLR - Unlimited Trendline Alerts". This will make it easy for you to find my indicators close to each other.

Customizable Parameters:

  • Sound notifications: traders can choose whether to play a sound file when an alert occurs.
  • Pop-up notifications: traders can choose whether to show a pop-up when an alert occurs.
  • Automatic trendline extension: traders can choose whether to automatically extend trendlines to infinity.
  • Trigger conditions: traders can choose to trigger alerts with the bid or ask price, and on bar close or price touch.
  • Notification options: traders can choose to receive notifications through email and Telegram.

For traders who may be unfamiliar with trendlines, the following link provides a comprehensive explanation of what they are and how they are used in trading: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/trendline.asp.

The "cTrader Unlimited Trendline Alerts" indicator is perfect for forex, stocks, and other market trading. Whether day trading or swing trading, it provides traders with a powerful tool for analyzing price action and making informed trading decisions.

Here you can learn how to configure the Telegram and Email alerts:



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You will get an .algo file (Indicator File) that installs itself on cTrader when double-clicked

Telegram Alert
Email Alert
Sound Alert
Pop-up Alert
Unlimited Amount of Trendlines on the Chart
Allows Interactivity with the Trendlines


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cTrader Unlimited Trendline Alerts (Trading Indicator)

2 ratings
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